Offshore Accidents

Individuals who work offshore or on inland waters work in some of the most dangerous occupations. Every hour and every minute they are working, these people put themselves at risk. While there are several laws in place to protect the safety of these workers, offshore accidents unfortunately happen.

In August of last year, a man who was working as a catering hand for Ocean Chef on an offshore platform was injured when he was being transported in a crane and the crane slammed into the platform. His injuries forced him to seek medical treatment and miss time away from work. Further, he may have suffered a permanent disability from the incident.

Last week, the man filed a lawsuit against Seatrax of Louisiana Inc., the operators of the crane, in federal court in New Orleans. As a result of the serious accident and the injuries he sustained in the incident, he feels he is entitled to collect damages for physical, mental and emotional pain and suffering, lost wages, fringe benefits and earning capacity, physical disability and medical expenses. In addition, he is seeking punitive damages, interest and court costs. A trial before a jury has been requested.

Anyone who has suffered an offshore injury should consult with an experienced attorney who has detailed understanding of maritime laws and the Jones Act. A Winter Haven criminal defense attorney will work with industry experts who collect and preserve any evidence that is relevant to your case. Above all, your attorney will work to protect your rights and interests in this type of case.