People who claim to be good drivers admit to car accident causing behavior

Drivers in Florida and elsewhere in the United States generally tend to rate themselves as good drivers and rate others on the road as bad drivers. According to a recent survey by Allstate, those same drivers that rate themselves as good also admit to engaging in dangerous driving activities that can cause car accidents and result in Flushing car accident attorneys.

The majority, two-thirds, of the drivers interviewed for the Allstate survey rated themselves as excellent or very good drivers, but many of the same group admitted to a host of dangerous driving habits that put themselves and others at risk.

More than half of the participating drivers admitted to having received a speeding ticket or other moving violation. Of those that received tickets around 44 percent received more than three. Nearly half (45 percent) of the drivers admitted to driving while they were so tired they could barely keep their eyes open. Forty percent of the drivers admitted to driving more than 20 miles per hour over the speed limit. More than one-third admitted to texting or sending an email while driving and fifteen percent admitted to driving while intoxicated. Clearly, many of the surveyed drivers engaged in dangerous driving habits, but why did they rate themselves so highly?

According to one psychologist, drivers tend to rate themselves highly and others less so because of the way behaviors are justified or explained. Drivers are quick to base their poor driving decisions on external circumstances like running late for the doctor or being distracted by something on the road. When it comes to the skill of other drivers, their bad decisions are normally a reflection of character. For instance, another driver makes a mistake because he or she is a “bad driver.”

One 58-year-old Orlando dui lawyer says he is able to drive very carefully but admits that he can also be a bad driver. He said, “If someone follows me too closely I immediately think it’s rude, but then I remember I do that when I am in a hurry.”